studio vetrata artistica

L'Opificio delle Arti designs, produces and restores stained glasses, glass intarsia and glass objects, promoting cooperation among arts. 

It was started by Calogero Zuppardo, an architect who had already been working as a glass artisan for more than thirty years.  
Calogero Zuppardo's love for art grew during his studies at the Istituto d'Arte and at the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo, and was increased in the relationship with masters who belonged to the prosperous Sicilian craftsmanship tradition, and thanks to his friendship with workmates who, like him, were seeking beauty and perfection.
Since 1983 he has worked within the art glass tradition in Palermo, recovering old techniques and making new experimentations. 
In 1994 he founded Il Baglio, an international association of artists, architects and artisans. 

vetri colorati piatto iride

"Made in the royal workshop (Opificio),

dwelling of felicity, honour, wealth and perfection, worth and excellence.

In the capital of Sicily, 1133" 

(Embroidered on the hem of King Roger II's mantle)​​​​​​​​​​

Our work stands inside this thousand year old tradition, and always tends to reach that ideal of excellence and perfection, which can only be possible through the cooperation of more than one competences.  

This is why L'Opificio delle Arti promotes a cooperation among architects, artist and artisans, who are pushed by their love for beauty, which they seek through the care for details, through the attention for the personality and the complexity of the place for which a work is designed and, above all, trying to satisfy the customer's true wish.